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Hollow Shaft - Through Bore

Our high-performance products are designed for use in a wide range of high-end OEM applications. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the right solution for the right application.

We produce a wide variety of electric motors and slip ring assemblies, including miniature capsule slip rings, through hole slip rings, DC-coreless electric motors, brushless electric motors, and electric servo motors. Our substantial product offering enables us to address all slip ring and electric motor applications.

Orbex offers quick, cost-effective customization of our products to meet your unique specifications.

Customer Focused

At Orbex, we put our customers first. We deliver top quality products, competitive pricing, superb technical support, and short lead times through our efficient manufacturing processes and our large in-stock inventory. Not only do we provide the slip ring, slip ring assembly, and motor assemblies that meet your specifications, we offer value-added services to provide you with exactly what is needed quickly and cost-effectively.The Orbex Group offers the best products in the industry at competitive prices.

Minature Slip Rings

Orbex’s 300 Series miniature slip rings are ideal for applications in which signals and/or power must be transmitted and where a compact footprint and low cost are important. They combine small size and high performance, making them ideal for video transmission and other challenging, space-critical applications.

Hollow Shaft / Through-Bore Slip Rings

Orbex 500 Series through bore slip rings are ideal for applications where signals and power need to be transferred, and a through-hole is required to pass either a shaft or other feed through. Designed for compact spaces, they are especially well-suited for use as wind generator slip rings.

HD Video Slip Rings

An extension of the Orbex miniature capsule slip ring line, our 300 Series HD video slip rings have been enhanced to provide for the transfer of uncompressed, broadcast quality, high definition video through a rotating electrical joint.

High Current Electric Slip Rings

Orbex’s 600 Series high current electric slip rings are designed for high current applications that require a high duty cycle. These electrical slip rings are free of mercury and other restricted substances and are RoHS compliant, making them ideal replacements for other slip ring technologies that contain mercury.

Harsh Environment Electric Slip Rings

Orbex 200 Series electric slip rings are designed to withstand the extreme conditions that are often encountered in outdoor and marine applications. From wind turbines and outdoor pan-tilt heads to marine cable reels and downhole inspection equipment, these harsh environment electric slip rings are durable and reliable enough for even the most demanding applications.

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