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Communication Applications

In many communications applications, continuous motion is required. Cable reels will often require slip rings, as do shipboard satellite antennas and other critical equipment. Whether you are looking for HD slip rings or a fiber optic rotary joint (FORJ) for your communications equipment, Orbex has the complete solutions to make your project a success.

For high data rates and improved data security, a fiber optic rotary joint (FORJ) or a coaxial rotary joint can be integrated into our slip rings to create a complete solution. Standard capsule slip rings can typically handle data rates to 100 Mbps with minimal modifications, so we have designed our line of coaxial rotary joint products to provide increased transfer speeds without sacrificing data integrity or security.

Orbex HD series slip rings provide transmission rates of 6 Gbps/6 GHz with their integral RF rotary connectors, allowing the transfer of 1080p or 1080ivideo signals via the slip rings’ HD-SDI interface. Custom slip ring and coaxial rotary joint configurations have been engineered for 18 GHz. data rates.

The pedestals for communication antennas benefit from the high torque of Orbex HT brushless motors for both tracking and stabilization. The low speed nature of these applications takes advantage of the HT motors’ exceptional low speed torque, compact size, and exceptional value.

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