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HD Video Slip Rings

An extension of the Orbex miniature capsule slip ring line, our 300 Series HD video slip rings has been enhanced to provide for the transfer of uncompressed, broadcast quality, high definition video through a rotating electrical joint.

Compact, High Performance Video Slip Rings

Orbex 300 HD slip rings utilize industry standard HD-SDI interfaces and have been tested to achieve data rates of 3 GBPS or higher. The HD-SDI interface allows the transfer of 1080p or 1080i uncompressed video on a two-conductor coaxial cable.

High definition video signals are transferred through RF coaxial connectors with 50-ohm specific impedance and MMCX joints. Coaxial cables are included with our HD video slip rings; please specify your preference of RG178, RG316, or RG174 industry standard cables. Custom connectors and alternative coaxial cable options are available, as needed. Contact us to discuss custom slip ring units.

In addition to the HD video channel, 8 or 12 circuits are available for transferring other standard frequency data or power.

Contact Orbex today for the HD video slip rings your application requires. See below to learn more.

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300-HD Series High Definition Video Slip Rings
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HD Video Slip Ring Specifications


Body Diameter

Standard Signal Count

HD signal count


22 mm

8 or 12


Features & Benefits of Orbex HD-SDI Slip Rings

  • Signal circuits (2A): 8, 12, 18
  • Transmit broadcast quality HD video
  • Compact size: 22mm body diameter; 23.5 mm to 38 mm overall length
  • Connector type: MMCX standard; other options available as custom
  • Low friction operation
  • Low electrical noise (< 10 mΩ) for minimal signal interference
  • Robust construction and durable materials for long service life
  • Housing material: impact resistant engineered plastic
  • High reliability in even the most challenging applications
  • Low cost, high performance
  • CE and RoHS compliant
  • Easily customizable—contact us to discuss your custom requirements

HD Video Slip Ring Options

  • Multiple flange types available
  • Custom connectors
  • Alternative coaxial cable options
  • Higher circuit counts available as custom units

Common Video Slip Ring Applications

  • HD security cameras
  • Inspection equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • CCTV

Contact Orbex for the HD video slip rings you need. Download our 300-HD Series data sheet for additional information and specifications. CAD drawing and models are available upon request.

Installation Notes: Video Slip Rings

  • Flanged models (M1 and M2) are designed to be mounted with screws and washers. Washers protect against excessive forces. If lock washers are used, flat washers should be mounted between the lock washer and the flange.
  • Non-flanged model (M3) should be mounted by securing the stator; this is best accomplished by inserting the body of the slip ring into a hole that is slightly larger than the O.D. and securing it with set screws, adhesives, or an O-ring.
  • The bearings on 300-HD Series video slip rings are not designed to support external or radial loads. Rotating parts should be supported so as to minimize axial and radial forces applied to the bearings.