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High Current Electric Slip Rings

Our 600 Series high current electric slip ring models are designed to provide a cost effective alternative to mercury based electric slip rings. An Orbex electric slip ring can function as a rotary electrical connector when high current is required for heating elements or similar devices.

With our unique channel brush technology, the contact forces between the electric slip rings brushes and rotor are greatly reduced. This, coupled with multiple brush contact points, greatly increases working life and allows these devices to be used on continuously operating machinery.

Electric Slip Ring Product Details


Body Diameter

Signal Count



32 mm

2-4 circuits



45 mm

6-8 circuits


See individual product listings for additional information.

Common High Current Electric Slip Ring Applications include:

  • Packaging machinery
  • Vertical form, fill and seal machines
  • Rotary electrical connector
  • Cable reels
  • ROVs

Contact Orbex today - 408-945-8980 for the high current electric slip rings you need. Or download our 600 Series data sheet.


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600 Series High Current Electrical Slip Rings
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