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High Current Electric Slip Rings

Orbex’s 600 Series high current electric slip rings are designed for high current applications that require a high duty cycle. These electrical slip rings are free of mercury and other restricted substances and are RoHS compliant, making them ideal replacements for other slip ring technologies that contain mercury.

600 Series Electrical Slip Rings

Our high current electric slip rings are high performance, low-cost alternatives to mercury-based electric slip rings. Because they can function as rotary electrical connectors when high current is required, they are especially well suited for use in heating elements.

Thanks to our unique channeled brush technology, the contact pressure between the slip ring’s brushes and rotor are greatly reduced. This, coupled with multiple brush contact points, greatly extends working life and allows these devices to be used on continuously operating machinery.

Contact us for high current electric slip rings for your application. See below for more information.

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600 Series High Current Electrical Slip Rings
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Electric Slip Ring Product Details


Body Diameter

Signal Count



32 mm

2-4 circuits



45 mm

6-8 circuits


See individual product listings for additional information.

Features & Benefits of 600 Series High Current Slip Rings

  • Durable materials and robust construction for long working life
  • High current capacity: up to 20 amps
  • Signal circuits: 00 or 02
  • Power circuits: 02, 03, or 06
  • Body diameter: 32 mm or 45 mm
  • Overall length: 28 mm or 64.5 mm
  • Housing material: high impact engineered plastic
  • Mercury-free
  • CE and RoHS compliant
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Low cost alternative to mercury-based slip ring technology
  • Compact size

Common High Current Electric Slip Ring Applications

  • Heating element slip rings
  • Packaging machinery
  • Palletizers
  • Vertical form, fill, and seal machines
  • Theater lights
  • Rotary electrical connector
  • Cable reel slip rings
  • ROVs
  • Rotating beacons

Contact Us for High Current Electrical Slip Rings

Contact Orbex today for the high current electric slip rings you need. Download our 600 Series data sheet for more information. CAD drawings and solid models available upon request.


Installation Notes: High Current Electric Slip Rings

  • Flangeless 600 Series slip rings should be mounted by securing the stator. An effective way to do this is to insert the body of the slip ring into a hole slightly larger than the O.D. and secure it via set screws, adhesives, or an O-ring.
  • The bearings on our high current electric slip rings are not intended to support external or radial loads. Rotating parts should be otherwise supported so as to minimize the radial and axial forces applied to the bearings.