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The Orbex Group is a leading manufacturer of slip rings and precision electric motors.

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Industries Served

Orbex precision electric motors and slip ring products are engineered to deliver superior performance and longevity in a broad range of industries and applications. We offer a variety of motor and slip ring models, allowing you to choose the best and most effective option for your specific application.

Our electric motors and electric slip ring products are proven effective in:


Orbex offers a variety of electric slip rings and motors for military communication and data transfer applications. We can provide slip rings with FORJs (fiber optic rotary joints) that help maintain high data rate signals without compromising integrity. Our “military grade” slip rings can accommodate data rates up to 3 Gbps, and can be integrated into camera systems, laser, sensors, and other compact military devices.

Wind Energy

We provide slip rings for wind energy applications that are specially designed for high performance in harsh environments. Our wind turbine slip rings are engineered for service life up to 20 years and more than 140 million rotations, making them a reliable, low maintenance solution for challenging applications. We offer through-bore slip rings that can handle power as well as Ethernet, TCP/IP, and other low-level signals.


Orbex’s HD slip rings and FORJs are engineered for exceptional performance in communications applications that require continuous motion. They provide high data rates (up to 6Gbps/6 GHz or better) and high data security. From standard capsule slip rings to custom coaxial rotary joint slip rings, we have solutions for all communications applications.


Our compact, high-performance slip rings and coreless motors are ideal for security and CCTV cameras that require continuous 360-degree rotation. Our slip rings can accommodate high data rates, transmit Ethernet up to 1000 Mbit, and transfer HD video via HD-SDI protocol standard. (Capabilities vary by model.)


Automated packaging equipment requires the constant motion of dozens of mechanisms, and that constant motion requires an electric motor to power movement and slip rings to transfer power and signals. We offer high torque servo motors to fit compact spaces, and high current slip rings that are engineered for long working life. IP65 sealing is available for harsh environments.


Industrial robots may be designed for thousands of different tasks, but they all utilize motors to drive their joints and slip rings to transmit power and signals through those joints. Orbex designs and manufactures high-performance electric motors and miniature, hollow shaft, and high current slip rings that provide superior performance and reliability in continuous motion robotic applications.

…and countless other industries

Electric Motor & Slip Ring Options for all Applications

Whatever your industry may be, you can count on Orbex slip rings and electric motors to deliver exceptional quality, performance, and durability. Our electric slip ring products are built to exceed customer expectations in any and all applications. We offer quick turnarounds, first-rate service and support, and competitive pricing on every product we sell.

Contact Orbex to learn more about our slip ring lines and precision motors for your application. We will work with you to determine the best model(s) for your needs.