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The Orbex Group is a leading manufacturer of slip rings and precision electric motors.

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Slip Rings for Military & Defense Systems

Many military and defense applications require electric motors and slip rings. Orbex’s high-performance motors and range of slip ring options have proven effective time and again for use in these demanding applications. We deliver advanced solutions with ISO certification that ensures the quality, reliability, and performance military and defense devices require.

Military Grade Slip Rings

In many military communication applications, data integrity and data transfer rates are critical. To help maintain the high data rate signals you need without compromising data integrity, Orbex can integrate fiber optic rotary joints (FORJs) into our electrical slip rings. 

Our HD Video Slip Rings offer reliable solutions for high data rates up to 3Gbps.  For even higher rates, ask us about standard slip rings with integrated FORJs. These devices provide a total solution for very high data rate transmissions.

Turrets and pan/tilt heads for cameras, lasers, and other sensors can take advantage of the compact size and high data rates of our 300 series miniature capsule slip rings and HD slip rings, as well as the compact size and high torque output of our EC series brushless motors.

Custom Slip Rings & Motors

Orbex can also provide custom pancake slip rings and low profile frameless motors for applications where a non-standard form factor is required. Our pancake slip ring offers a slim profile that can be integrated seamlessly into applications with height restrictions. Contact us for more information.

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Orbex designs and manufactures high-performance, high-reliability slip rings and electrical motors for military communication and other critical applications.

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