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Miniature Slip Rings

Orbex’s 300 Series miniature slip rings are ideal for applications in which signals and/or power must be transmitted and where a compact footprint and low cost are important. They combine small size and high performance, making them ideal for video transmission and other challenging, space-critical applications.

Innovative, High-Performance Mini Slip Rings

Also called rotary electrical connectors or rotary electrical joints, our miniature slip rings are available in a range of standard diameters, from 6 mm to 25 mm, and with circuit counts from two to 56 circuits as standard. We offer 300 Series miniature slip rings with low current signal circuits, high current power circuits, and numerous combinations of the two.

This family of miniature slip rings uses gold-on-gold contacts to ensure long life, low noise, minimal interference between circuits, and low contact resistance. This makes our 300 Series rotary slip rings perfect for transmitting video signals in CCTV applications. By utilizing small-diameter rotors, surface speeds are minimized; this, in turn, minimizes imbalance, reduces operating temperatures, and further extends the unit’s working life.

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300 Series Miniature Slip Rings
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Miniature Slip Ring Product Details

If you need rotary slip rings for POS displays, video signal slip rings, or miniature slip rings for any other application, Orbex has you covered. General specifications for our 300 Series slip rings are listed below. Custom slip rings are also available—contact us to discuss your custom requirements.


Body Diameter

Signal Count



12 mm

2-18 circuits



18 mm

2-18 circuits



22 mm

2-36 circuits



25 mm

18-56 circuits


Features & Benefits of 300 Series Miniature Slip Rings

  • Compact size: body diameters from 12.4 mm to 25 mm; overall lengths from 14 mm to 85.5 mm
  • Signal circuits: 00 to 56
  • Power circuits: 00 to 04
  • Housing materials: aluminum, engineered plastics
  • Low friction
  • Durable components and robust construction provide long service life
  • High reliability, even in challenging applications
  • Low cost
  • CE and RoHS compliant
  • Easily customizable—contact us to discuss your custom requirements

Miniature Slip Ring Options

  • IP65 sealed housings
  • Extended life” options
  • Custom connectors
  • Coaxial cable (RG175/179)

Common Miniature Slip Ring Applications

  • Video signal slip rings
  • CCTV security cameras
  • Robotics and automated systems
  • CMM machines
  • Point of sale (POS) displays
  • Medical equipment slip rings
  • Rotating lights
  • Downhole inspection equipment
  • Packaging machinery
  • Communications equipment

Contact Orbex to order miniature slip rings for your application. Download our 300 Series data sheet for more information. CAD files and solid models are available upon request.

Installation Notes: Miniature Slip Rings

  • 300 Series model M1 and M2 flanged slip rings should be mounted with screws and washers to protect flanges from excess forces. If using lock washers, flat washers should be inserted between the lock washer and the flange.
  • 300 Series model M3 flangeless rotary electrical connectors should be mounted by securing the stator. The most common solution is to insert the body of the slip ring into a hole that is only slightly larger than the slip ring’s O.D. and securing it via set screws, adhesives, or an O-ring.
  • The bearings in 300 Series miniature slip rings are not intended to support external or radial loads. All rotating parts should be supported by other means so that the axial and radial forces applied the bearings are minimized.