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The Orbex Group is a leading manufacturer of slip rings and precision electric motors.

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Slip Rings & Electric Motors for Automated Packaging

Modern packaging machinery has many moving assemblies that are driven by electrical motors, and perform a wide range of functions that require slip rings to transfer electrical signals and information from the CPU to continuously moving components. Orbex, a worldwide leader in electric motors and slip ring technology, has the high-performance solutions you need for your automated packaging applications.


High Speed, High Torque Servo Motors

Orbex’s HT Series high pole servo motors offer superior performance and reliability and are versatile enough for a broad range of common automated packaging applications, such as auger feeders and labeling heads.

More cost effective than other servos, our HT Series motors provides greatly improved low speed/low torque output, allowing designers to specify motors with smaller frame sizes while still achieving improved cycle times.

Our high torque brushless servo motors are available in power ranges from 50 watts to 7.5 KW. They are IP65 sealed for durability in harsh working conditions. A variety of feedback options is available.


High Current Slip Rings

Packaging equipment like vertical fold, fill, and seal machines require the transfer of high current to a rotary seal bar. Orbex’s 600 Series high current slip rings offer a suitable current capacity to transfer power and are engineered to provide the long working life needed for high throughput, high duty cycle operations. These slip rings are therefore an excellent choice for any machine that utilizes a rotary seal bar.

Manufactured from durable materials and built in a compact housing, our 600 Series are well-suited to a wide range of applications. They provide maintenance free operation, are mercury free, and CE and RoHS compliant.


Through Hole Slip Rings

Orbex’s 500 Series through hole slip rings are ideal for the rotary tables that are often used in bottling machinery, as well as other applications that require a large through-hole and a high signal count. With their unique modular design, these slip rings offer unprecedented flexibility in package size and circuit count. Numerous combinations of high current power circuits and low current power circuits are available to meet your application and performance requirements.

Our proprietary channeled brush technology greatly increases service life, providing multiple contact points and low contact force for dramatically reduced wear. 500 Series slip rings are also available with IP65 sealing for use in harsh environments.


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Orbex designs, engineers, and manufactures high performance, high-reliability electric motors and slip ring connectors for automated packaging applications. Contact us today for the solutions you need.