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The Orbex Group is a leading manufacturer of slip rings and precision electric motors.

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Security cameras and cctv cameras are commonly required to turn 360 degrees continuously, and generally must be packaged into a compact assembly. This requires a rotating electrical connection, typically accomplished with a miniature capsule slip ring, and compact motors, such as coreless DC motors, electrically commutated brushless motors, or step motors.

Orbex slip rings are ideally suited for these applications requiring a rotating electrical connection due to their ability to handle high data rates and their compact size, quiet operation, and low cost. The 300 Series miniature capsule slip rings can transmit Ethernet up to 1000 Mbit with proper cabling and connectors, while  higher data transfer rates can be achieved with an RF coaxial connector, as offered in the Orbex HD series, to transfer HD video using the HD-SDI protocol standard.

Special configurations can incorporate a FORJ (fiber optic rotary joint)

The wide range of motors offered in our DC series, EC series, and ST series allow our customers to pick the best solution for their individual requirements.

From common dome cameras to harsh duty security and cctv cameras used in marine applications, extreme temperature ranges, or hazardous installations, Orbex security camera and cctv camera slip rings and motors will meet your rotating electrical connection requirements. Contact us today to place your order or for a custom price quote.