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Hollow Shaft Slip Rings/Through Bore Slip Rings

Slip rings are electromechanical devices that permit the transmission of power and/or electrical signals between stationary and rotating structures or equipment. These devices are used in electromechanical systems that require continuous rotation while transmitting power/signals and can improve performance, simplify operation, and eliminate potentially dangerous wires that might otherwise protrude from movable joints.

Operationally, slip rings can be used on any sort of rotating electromechanical equipment to transfer power, control circuits, and/or analog/digital signals. They can commonly be found in everything from electrical generators to wind turbines to heliostats.

In simplified terms, a slip ring provides a way of making an electrical or data connection point through a rotating assembly.

Orbex 500 Series Through Bore Slip Rings

Orbex 500 Series through bore slip rings are ideal for applications where signals and power need to be transferred, and a through-hole is required to pass either a shaft or other feed through. Designed for compact spaces, they are especially well-suited slip rings for use in wind turbines and generators.

Contact us for through bore slip rings for your application. See below to learn more. 

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500 Series Hollow Shaft Slip Rings
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High Performance, Long-Life Hollow Shaft Slip Rings

Also known as hollow shaft slip rings, our through bore slip rings use a modular design that allows for unprecedented flexibility with respect to package size and circuit count. We can provide numerous combinations of high current power circuits and low current signal circuits to meet your application requirements.

Standard units can be supplied in any of ten standard sizes, with bore diameters from 3mm to 100mm. Large diameter through bore slip rings are available as custom solutions.

500 Series hollow shaft slip rings use Orbex’s advanced channeled brush technology to greatly increase service life. This innovative design provides multiple contact points and low contact force, dramatically reducing wear in demanding applications.

Through Bore Slip Ring Product Details

Whether you’re looking for a wind generator slip ring, slip rings for robotic manufacturing equipment, or a solution for any other challenging application, Orbex has what you need. General specifications for our hollow shaft slip rings are listed below.

Custom slip rings are also available—contact us to discuss your custom requirements.


Body Diameter

Bore Diameter

Signal Count


17 mm

3 mm

2-8 circuits


22 mm

4.5 mm

2-8 circuits


54 mm

12.7 mm

2-24 circuits


78 mm

25.4 mm

2-48 circuits


99 mm

38.1 mm

2-48 circuits


120 mm

50 mm

2-72 circuits


135 mm

60 mm

2-96 circuits


155 mm

70 mm

2-96 circuits


180 mm

80 mm

2-96 circuits


190 mm

90 mm

2-96 circuits


203 mm 100 mm 2-96 circuits 

Features & Benefits of 500 Series Through Bore Slip Rings

  • Multiple sizes available
  • Modular design
  • Durable construction for long working life
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Easily customizable—contact us for custom slip ring units
  • CE and RoHS Compliant

Common Hollow Shaft Slip Ring Applications

  • Wind generator slip rings
  • Rotary tables
  • Packaging machinery
  • Bottling machinery
  • Cable reel through bore slip rings
  • Robotic and automated equipment
  • Machinery turrets and tool changers
  • Medical equipment
  • Downhole inspection equipment
  • Pan and tilt heads

Contact Orbex today for the through bore electric slip rings your application needs. Download our 500 Series data sheet to learn more. Contact us for CAD files and solid models.