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The Orbex Group is a leading manufacturer of slip rings and precision electric motors.

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Wind Turbine Slip Ring Connectors for Wind Energy Applications

Due to the difficulty of access for maintenance, long life and reliability are of the utmost concern in wind turbine applications. Orbex provides wind turbine slip ring connectors that are specially engineered to be sealed against even the harshest environments. These slip rings have special long-life, high-current capacity brushes and rings to deliver unsurpassed, maintenance free performance.  Service life of 20 years and over 140 million rotations can be achieved with Orbex slip ring connectors.  We can also customize the housing materials and connectors as needed to suit your requirements.  These solutions can handle the power as well as the lower level signals including Ethercat, TCP/IP, Profibus and CAN.

From our standard 500 series wind turbine slip rings that are suitable for small wind turbines to large, specialty slip ring connectors with power ratings of up to 70A and 400V, Orbex can offer the right solution.