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Wind Turbine Slip Ring

Because accessing wind turbines for maintenance is often difficult at best—and next to impossible at worst—long life and reliability are of the utmost importance for the parts and components that go into these towering structures. With that in mind, Orbex provides wind turbine slip ring connectors that are specially engineered for wind turbines and similar applications.


High Performance, Low Maintenance Slip Rings

From our standard 500 Series hollow shaft slip rings, which are suitable for small wind turbine installations, to large, specialty slip ring connectors with power ratings of up to 70A and 400V, we can offer the right solution for your application.

Orbex wind turbine slip ring connectors are built with special long life, high current capacity brushes and rings that deliver unsurpassed performance with extremely low maintenance requirements. Our wind turbine slip rings are rated for up to 20 years of service life and more than 140 million rotations and can be sealed against even the harshest environments without compromising performance.


Versatile, Customizable Wind Turbine Solutions

In addition to long life and reliability, our wind turbine slip ring connectors also provide exceptional versatility. They can be used to manage pitch control, power, and other key functions, as well as low level digital or analog signals, such as EtherCAT/Ethernet, TCP/IP, Profibus, and CAN.

Our slip ring connectors can be customized to meet your needs. Housing material, connectors, and other features can be tailored to your unique wind turbine application.


The Leaders in Slip Ring Technology

Orbex has been a worldwide leader in slip ring technology for over a decade. We’ve built our reputation on innovative, high-quality products for a broad range of applications, offering slip rings and electric motors for everything from wind turbine installations to communications to robotics. Our customer-centric business model ensures that you get high performance, low maintenance products at highly competitive prices.


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Orbex provides proven slip ring technology for wind turbines and other renewable energy applications. Contact us today for long-life wind turbine slip ring connectors that are tailored to your needs.